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Be a Mascot, it Will Change Your Life

Jordan Saenz

Why being a mascot changes the way you look at life. It is a talk about "hiding behind a mask" to be your true self. To take the tricks, tips and advice you learn as a mascot and relate it to your personal life. Serving as Buster Bronco for two years, I learned that I can be who I truly am inside and out of the costume and just learned to be quirky, weird and strange and to continue it whether I had the Bronco head on or off. To not be ashamed of the actions you choose and continue to live your life the way you want to.

Don't Worry About Skynet, Worry About Cyborgs

JP Chastain

What is the state of robotics and where exactly is my robot butler? Well you could buy one if you wanted, but there's far more to the education of robotics here in Idaho and worldwide. We'll go through robotics, the most advanced AI, and why SkyNet is less likely than a cyborg implant hack. Overall, it's not doom and gloom as it moves forward toward a future that helps humanity.

From DNA Nanotechnology to Solar That's Cheaper Than Coal: What BSU Research Means to You

Kelly Schutt

"This is an inside look at three cutting edge research projects at Boise State, as told by one materials science undergraduate.

1st project: producing trillions of nanoscale copies of the Boise State Logo in minutes using synthetic DNA. 1 million of these DNA ""logos"" fit on the tip of a human hair. Witness how we make the magic happen with time-lapse GoPro footage!

2nd project: collaborating with Harvard and Micron towards smaller, faster, and more efficient computer chips using DNA. Get ready for a stunningly simple demo of super resolution microscopy, a technique that merited the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

3rd project: this May marks the kick off of thin-film solar research at BSU. The University of Oxford predicts that emerging materials will reduce solar cell costs by 87% in 3 years. If they're right, clean energy is about to leave coal in the dust. Discover what BSU is doing to get involved with a technology that may soon have a $110 billion market value."

Humble Can Suck It!

Reham Aarti

People make assumptions based on how you express yourself, humble is seen as good, and the opposite is arrogant...or is it? I think the goal is authenticity, and the way we speak about ourselves can change us, and the people we interact with....I'm sick of the virtue handed to humble, I want to see new words take it's place.

Just 1 F@#k a Day

Stephanie Lee

Everyone has a finite amount of energy and will power before mood turns sour and motivation wanes completely. It's because we give too many f@#ks in a single day. If you save only 1 f@#k a day, you'll be a much happier and more productive person.

Libraries in Idaho...Did You Know

Baxter Q Andrews

All free: Internet access and WiFi, over 93,600 ebooks, over 4,300,000 printed materials, music downloads, music streaming, music videos, 291,600 plus audio materials, and 46 databases (including numerous current pre-college, automotive, LSAT, GRE testing) and 42,700 other library materials.

Myth-busting Modern Foraging

Pei-Lin Yu

I learned a few things from a hunter-gatherer tribe in Venezuela when living among them for two years. In particular I gained insights into the evolution of the human diet with a focus on 'paleo'diets. So-called 'primitive people' eat in ways that we've forgotten--and might be good for us. I'd like to talk about this, and would even be willing to share a couple recipes.

People of Earth: Don't Panic!

Jesse "Psycache Z" Bolin

Delivered from the perspective of a Milky Way hitchhiker (I hope costumes are allowed?), I will take the audience on a journey from being on a planetary spaceship that is all but doomed, to a place where every person in the room will have a set simple tools and and a vision how they can each help save the world. Using humor and animated speech, I will quickly show them how #LoveWillSaveUs and how #ScienceWillHelp.

The Early Years

Lori Fascilla

When does learning begin? Why is it important? What can we do about it When our political climate doesn't recognize it's importance? What's at risk when we do nothing? All of these questions answered in 20 slides in 5 minutes by someone who has dedicated the past 30 plus years to young kids and their families. I'm the "handsome" one listed above.

Lady Leg Hair: What's the Big Deal?

Trista Gorringe

I'd like to explore the cultural stigma surrounding female body hair and share some of my own experiences as a hairy woman trying to make it in the world.

Why Did I Say Yes to Being a Surrogate?

Angelia Jones

On April 30th I'll be 34 weeks pregnant into my first experience as a surrogate. I'll share on the ups and downs of the process so far. From application (the match.com system) to the relationship with the intended parents (IPs), the affects on my marriage and family, reaction of others, to the anticipation of birth.

Online Dating Profile Mistakes that are Keeping you Single

Yvette Harper

Online dating tips. Funny online dating tips. I did this presentation in my Boise State University class, and received a very large response.

My Journey With a Brain Injury

Sara Spencer

In November 2011 at the age of 26, I suffered a brain aneurysm. After given less than a 60% chance of survival, I made it. A few years out now, I am sharing my story to bring awareness to traumatic brain injuries and take away any stigma that surrounds those who have or are suffering with one. I am one of the fortunate ones who beat the odds and can share my story.

Your Sugarista Knows Best*

Jeri Seamands

When you spend your days removing hair from intimate locations, you get to know a lot about people. Jeri shares secrets, stories, and tips from her life as Boise's Sugaring Master and Brazilian specialist.

Why I Beat my Kids, and Why You Should Beat Yours Too*

Jared Stull

In an age where people are more interested in giving out participation ribbons than teaching children how to win and lose graciously, we're losing track of the vital life lessons our kids learn through healthy competition. Sadly, we parents are fostering a "win at all costs" attitude in our kids, which is setting them up for failure when they inevitably encounter someone better than they are. This talk is about the lessons our children can learn from losing and how we can teach them that losing is a healthy part of life.

Crimes Against English*

AK Turner

Most people have learned by now that there is no "x" in "espresso". Other abuses of English in the form of hybrids are still out there. Examples: substanance (substance + sustenance), dwelve (dwell + delve). Supposably is a word, but often used incorrectly in place of supposedly. There should be some sort of punishment for these abuses. If you say "expresso", you should have to drink a shot of espresso really, really fast. If you say "substanance", you should have to eat something of an unknown substance. My family members will ask about the results of an "autopsy" when they mean "biopsy", which is kind of an important distinction. I'd like to talk about these and other crimes of English.

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Ignite Boise is an annual FREE event put on by a group of volunteers who hold the precept that Boise kicks a lot of ass...like, a LOT of ass.

To that end, they organize IB once a year to give folks a chance to hear what their fellow ass-kicking Boiseans are thinking about. It's not a business pitch fest, it's not for profit, it's not for notoriety. It's just because Boise ought to have it.

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